Alarm rings at 3:50 AM but I am already awake, I make my way into the guest room where my clothes are laid out on a bed, move quickly to the bathroom then put on my jeans, button-up shirt, sport coat and head downstairs holding my shoes in hand to not wake anyone. Write two notes to my kids to be good for mom as I will be home tomorrow.

4:40 AM — I grab my laptop and rollaway which are already waiting by the door and head into my car. It’s 4:40 AM and I have a 6:00 AM…

I have had more free time than I normally do over the past week. That is what quarantining with COVID will do for you. I have continued to read a ton of posts, comments on sales learning, influencer videos, etc. Many of these influencers have sensational stories, advice, cool microphones, a ton of likes, all say the most anti-sales stuff I have ever heard.

I am not here to call anyone out but my advice to sales people, look at the background of the people you take advice from.

  • Have they truly been in your role have they had a…

Brian Benedict

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