News Flash — Sales Advice on Linkedin is Fake News

Brian Benedict
3 min readJan 1, 2021


I have had more free time than I normally do over the past week. That is what quarantining with COVID will do for you. I have continued to read a ton of posts, comments on sales learning, influencer videos, etc. Many of these influencers have sensational stories, advice, cool microphones, a ton of likes, all say the most anti-sales stuff I have ever heard.

I am not here to call anyone out but my advice to sales people, look at the background of the people you take advice from.

  • Have they truly been in your role have they had a track record for success.
  • Do they have numbers in their profiles showing they were a top performer?
  • Have they actually sold during Covid? Taking advice from someone who last sold in 2010 is about as good as having a collection of DVDs today. It’s worthless. It’s out of date.
  • Or is their profile filled with a bunch of advisor roles, scattered with so many different positions you have no clue what they really do or how they make a living?

The truth is — they don’t make a living like us. They don’t know really what it’s like to cold call, prospect, strategize and build champions, map back strategic initiatives to product functionality, map back ROI to needs and negotiate with a prospect.

If they have had this experience…where is the name brands they worked with? Where is this “prospect” they closed? If they are so good at building relationships why are all their relationships with other “influencers.” Just once I want a podcast with their actual client (a Fortune 500 brand) who speaks on their behalf of how they partnered and did business!!!! Wait you haven’t seen that podcast either?

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Take advice from people who have actually DONE your job, who have years, not months or weeks of experience doing YOUR job.

Let’s make 2021 a year where the insanity of fake sales news is over. Let’s call it out. Let’s make sure the future sales people and the ones looking for genuine sales advice can get it.

If not, you are part of the problem, you are feeding egos and lies and more of the same garbage and really no one wins…except them.

I am not looking for 1,000 likes, or to be a Linkedin Influencer, I am putting the people who know they are frauds on notice. It’s more than me that notices the lack of depth in sales news coming from many, we laugh at the advice, we shake our heads at the videos and stories. You might be fooling some but not all.

If this resonates with you, I am glad. Join us, there are too many of us who have been silent watching our feeds overtaken.

It’s a New Year, let’s make it better….